Who am I and Why this site?

Peace. Before I give you what they write about me, I want to personally welcome you to my blog. My name is Khalil Ismail and I have been blessed to perform music with substance around this globe. Life has taken me many places, some very dark and painful, others, brilliantly beautiful. Ive made and continue to make mistakes in this trial called life but Ive come to realize my experiences both triumphs and failures coupled with the gifts God gave me to extract lessons and articulate them give me a perspective I had better share for fear of wasting an opportunity to help somebody be better than I. This my website is where you will find my thoughts and musings on life as well as my personal highlighting of the projects, initiatives, and people I support.

Ive always been fascinated by the behavior of people specifically and always have had this burning desire to push for the best of humanity. I never quite understood why us children of Adam bicker over bloodline as if we don’t come from a single pair. I typically root for the underdog and injustice boils my blood. But what fuels me most is that I believe in an infinitely merciful and compassionate Lord who answers all who call Him. Yet my issue with many who publicly promote religion is that they are typically self righteous and thus not willing to speak straight and honest about the issues that truly plague us as human beings. I can be complex like that but so what. I recognize that I am just 1 of 7 billion plus on this earth. Thus I know I have practically infinite opportunities to learn something new. And that is what makes me simply a student of the human condition.


Khalil Ismail is an award winning independent music artist and producer. His single, “knocking” charted 3rd on independent hip-hop radio charts. He has also appeared on discovery channel as the voice of one of it’s flagship shows. His music was used in the new nationally televised FOX drama,”Gang Related” He has performed in major venues such as Apollo Theatre and Mets Stadium. His ability to rhyme and sing with great skill always delivering a message yet not sounding preachy can only remind of the reign of 90s great, Lauryn Hill. His inspirational music has been well received around the world and has lead to appearances in West and South Africa, UK, Amsterdam, Australia, Germany and around the United States. He has shared the stage with Major artists such as Mos Def, Freeway, Brother Ali etc…

He is also well respected in the Nasheed industry. Producing and collaborating with top Nasheed artists such as Zain Bhikha and Native Deen.

KI is unique as a Muslim artist, in that he comfortably excels in both religious and universal music categories never compromising himself in the process.

KI recently co-founded an artist agency called Enspired Voices and muslim artist online ecosystem called Muslim Creators. His mission both as a performer and Entrepreneur is to create spaces for alternative media that inspire the spirit, stimulate the intellect, and excel in entertainment value.

When not working in music, he is busy developing and managing nonprofit initiatives such as assisting in operations of a woman’s homeless shelter, OR thinking on issues of the human condition in an effort to find ways to better aid humanity.